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, if this passes we will not give them any tax benefits in the future. they will not be able to expand. here was a company, volkswagen, that do not care. they do not take a side. volkswagen in germany is fully unionize. they pay their workers well. quite frankly, they make a pretty good product. here they come to america and it was not a company that defeated the union. they were fine with the union. it was outside forces. that is what is dismaying. it is something new that has not really happened before. the uaw has taught a complaint with the relations board. we have a full board for the first time there in a long time. i do not know what the outcome will be. i know they have filed an appeal. >> that says, how do you think labor should fight against these forces if it hopes to remain relevant? >> i do not know what the nlrb is going to find. it seems to me the people that voted no, i'm wondering if they're having second thoughts because they may have taken to heart, and made by public officials that simply were not true. maybe there needs to be a re-vote on this. >> not to ignore the last
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1